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The BlackRiver team creates investment strategies for clients that perfectly match their requirements, including immigration, enterprise, fund and endowment options.

We do not pick and choose one particular option as they appear, instead, we feel our partners should have the option to choose what best suits their client’s needs and to have the options available to them.

Bridging between high-return business opportunities and professional investments

We specialise in sourcing investment projects that suit the “Immigration Investment Programme” as laid out by the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services (INIS). We partner with companies and provide some of the best projects available on the Irish market. We strive to be better than everyone else and it is our mission that partners & clients alike feel comfortable doing business with us. Trusting your financial consultants is paramount and therefore transparency is the key to our success.

Blackriver not only do immigration investment but with a huge network of partners, we have ready-made enterprise and endowment opportunities available that offer high returns. We are here for you and to help expand your business and fulfil a dream of working, studying and doing business overseas.

Our Investment Portfolio

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Life Science

Life science is a particularly strong market regarding investments, projects are always evolving and changing as new technology advances. Some projects have target markets in the billions. We have access to some innovative and exciting projects that could change the medical industry, as we know it.


Ireland has grown to be a world-class player in the industry with 24 of the world’s top biotech and pharmaceutical companies. New and innovative companies are being established every year and BlackRiver Capital has been in the frontline working with some of these companies.


Property development is a popular investment, particularly within care homes, healthcare and hospitality sectors in Ireland. With tourism growing and population expanding; there are vast opportunities in building leisure, healthcare and care home facilities.

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Industries We Operate In


World-class standard, modern facilities and top locations giving a whole new meaning to luxury holiday.

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World-class standard, modern facilities and top locations giving a whole new meaning to luxury holiday.

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From new build care homes to hotels and office blocks, we established an enviable portfolio of real estate that consistently delivers high returns.

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Our ability to see things through from start to finish makes us an enviable business partner, and gives us an inherent strength and formidable capacity to deliver and excel in every business we get into.



We are a sports betting, gaming and entertainment provider for millions of customers in the UK.

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