Climate Change- A warning we should not ignore

Over two weeks ago, I had been closely watching the events that took place in Glasgow, during the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference (COP26) where global leaders spoke about their stand on the issue, I can’t help but strongly agree with the former US President Barack Obama’s call urging his fellow leaders and the entire world to do something today, otherwise it will be too late to save the whole mankind from eminent destruction.

Following Sir David Attenborough’s consistent effort to expose the actual danger caused by climate change and environmental destruction through a series of documentaries and programmes, it has become clear that this serious issue has been taken for granted for many many years. I recall watching one of his shows where he explained what will happen to the earth’s core following over a century of extraction of fossil fuels, which will more likely change the balance of its structure and eventually could cause a serious catastrophic effects.

 Whether it is scientifically possible or not, the main thing here is that our world today has reached to a point that if we don’t change the way we do things today, it will alter our way of survival on earth now and in the future. The only option we have now is to do something to reverse this by acting immediately to come up with a solution today – not a promise but urgent action.

Having mentioned the use of coal, the Colombian Prime Minister said we must immediately cease using coal and fossil fuels. In my opinion, it must be wiped out completely and replaced with it clean energy from sustainable sources. The world’s technology has advanced so much that focusing our priorities in developing these energy sources should be funded and ultimately their use to be implemented globally.

This is our last chance and I do believe, we as human beings do get warnings in life. Our warnings are now seen everywhere, tornadoes, flash floods, fires and many natural and man-made calamities that are devastating our world, taking so many lives and destroying properties. These are clear warnings for us all and actions must be made today – not tomorrow but today!

As an experienced businessman, I believe money has an answer to all of these problems. It is not the entire solution but it could take a very important contribution. If we distribute the wealth of our world to tackle the causes, it can potentially make saving our world a lot easier. For example, if the world agreed to tax business giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Coca-Cola and others let’s say 80 to 85% tax, there will be enough money to end world poverty, fund climate change research, and implement ways to restore the world and be out of danger. Imagine people from other parts of the world who don’t drink clean water, imagine the opportunity to end hunger and poverty. People then will have access to basic needs and necessities, and then can contribute to an effort to ultimately look after our environment.

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